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Jimmy & Kevin

The Crypto Cannabis Club was founded by Jimmy and Kevin in July 2021, with a vision to bring together two growing industries – cryptocurrency and cannabis – and create a community that could celebrate both. Despite facing challenges and setbacks along the way, thanks to their efforts they built a passionate and engaged community of like-minded individuals. The Crypto Cannabis Club’s NFTokers artwork collection is a vibrant and imaginative celebration of the intersection of cryptocurrency, cannabis culture, and artistic expression.



The #TokerTakeOver, initially a lighthearted celebration of the Crypto Cannabis Club’s community, gained greater significance as members collaborated to launch the TokerDAO. This community-driven initiative empowers members to actively shape the club’s future using decentralized finance and blockchain technology. The TokerDAO provides a platform for voting on crucial decisions, resource allocation, and community initiatives.

Through the TokerDAO, the community has embraced a decentralized approach, allowing members to influence the Crypto Cannabis Club’s direction and support initiatives aligned with their values. This shift signifies a notable transformation, showcasing the potential of decentralized systems and community-driven efforts to bring about meaningful change. As the TokerDAO continues to evolve, it stands as a model for other communities seeking to leverage decentralized finance and blockchain technology for member empowerment and positive social impact.